Former Pupils


The Heriot Club

The objects of the Club are to:-

  • Commemorate George Heriot
  • Form a bond of union among former pupils
  • Welcome any others who desire to commemorate George Heriot and to further the other objects of the Club
  • Foster any appropriate organisations associated with the Heriot Club or the School
  • Promote the interests of the School


Membership of the Club is open to all Former Pupils, past and present Governors and members of the Staff of George Heriot's School, Parents of pupils of George Heriot's School and friends of the School.

The Office Bearers for 2017-18 are:-

President Neil McLaughlan
Membership Secretary Norman Irons
Secretary Sandra Lockhart
Treasurer Michael Gilbert

Heriot Club Membership Form  Please return to Membership Secretary after completion.

Contact the Heriot Club by e-mail:


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