Former Pupils


Desperately Seeking

The Development Office is continually seeking to find Former Pupils whom we have lost touch with and are delighted to report that we have had a great deal of success since we began back in 2002. A lot of the success is thanks to you, our Former Pupils, who continually help in finding people. Each issue of Quadrangle magazine also publishes a list of former pupils we are desperately seeking. If you can help us find anyone please get in touch with us.

Have you lost touch with former classmates and wonder what they are up to? We may be able to help find them for you and put you back in touch – just ask! We have put back in touch a number of classmates and friendships have been re-established. A recent comment was received from one such person:-

“You will be gratified to hear that since you put us in touch with one another, Charlie, Billy and I maintain quite regular correspondence, and I look forward to meeting them when next I visit the UK .”

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Development team by contacting 0131 229 7263 or email