SQA Examination Results 2018

The 2018 examination results once again show excellent attainment by Heriot's pupils.

The summary of Heriot's results from the 2018 SQA diet is shown below. Please note that these are pre-Results Services figures and may change once the outcome of Results Services are known.





Total (A-C)

S4 National 5

1388 80.8% 13.1% 4.0% 97.9%

S5 Higher

851 67% 22.0% 7.8% 96.7%

S6 Higher

116 49.1% 27.6% 16.4% 93.1%

S6 Advanced Higher

378 63.8% 22.2% 12.4% 98.4%


It was another good year for S4, who coped extremely well with their National 5 presentations. The pass rate at National 5 again exceeded 97%, and 75 pupils had a 'clean sweep' of A Grades across their subjects.


As ever, the S5 Higher figures are the benchmark by which the session's results will be judged, and our S5 pupils excelled themselves with an A-C pass rate of 96.7%. A very impressive 67.0% of our Higher presentations resulted in A grades, and 59 pupils each achieved top grades in either five or six subjects.
The average numbers of exams entered by each pupil was 4.8 Highers per candidate, with an average of 4.6 Highers passed per candidate.

S5 Higher Results: 9 Year Trend A-C Passes











96.4% 96.5% 96.3% 97.5% 97.4% 96.8% 97.4% 98.1% 96.7%


95.2% 97.1% 95.8% 98.2% 98.6% 97.3% 98.4% 99.5% 98.1%


97.6% 95.9% 96.8% 96.6% 96.2% 96.3% 96.3% 96.9% 95.2%


The S6 results were also excellent, as the class of 2018 achieved a record breaking Advanced Higher A-C pass rate of 98.4%. The percentage of A grades at Advanced Higher was an impressive 63.8%.

Our S6 Higher candidates did well, particularly at A grade where the percentage rose from 46.8% to 49.1%.

Overall the 2018 exam results represent an outstanding performance by Heriot's pupils, and we are very proud of them. Breaking records is not what exam results are about though - the important thing is that each pupil does their best and achieves the highest grades of which they are capable. Whether pupils have achieved multiple A grades or personal bests with B or C grades, each and every one deserves to be congratulated. Heriot's expects its pupils to work hard, and the effort, commitment and enthusiasm of our exam candidates have paid off magnificently. In turn they have rewarded not just the professionalism and dedication of their teachers, but also the support and encouragement which they have received from home.


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