Senior 6

At Heriot's we believe that the final year of secondary education should act as a bridge to what lies beyond: the vast majority of our students go on to university; some to college; some to charitable work abroad; a few directly to the workplace.

To achieve this goal, we encourage independent learning, allowing our students to adapt to the methods employed in Further and Higher Education. We operate a flexible timetable which allows for the vast majority of subject combinations to be studied. As well as the study facilities in the School itself, our students also gain access to several of the major libraries nearby. Each student is allocated to a tutor group, and help with subject choice, university entrance and future prospects is given by the Careers team, Guidance staff and Tutors.

To help our students expand their horizons, staff and external providers provide a series of Interest Courses to introduce students to areas not covered by the usual school curriculum.

Great stress is laid on Voluntary Service in the Heriot's Sixth Year. Some students help in the School Nursery or Junior School or through our long-standing Peer Support system. Additionally, many students choose to be involved in a wide range of voluntary activities in the wider community. For several years, students have worked with children through the Family Service Unit in Pilton, Headway House, The Elms Projects, and Teens Plus amongst others. Heriot's was conceived as a charitable foundation and our young people actively involve themselves in following the Founder's example.

In the closing fortnight of their school career, our Sixth Year students take part in the Sixth Year Fortnight, a specially planned programme designed to give them a memorable finale to their school experience as well as providing further preparation for the next stage in their lives. This includes debate and discussion on politics, religion and current affairs as well as environmental activities, a day at Alton Towers, a pre-university conference, a health promotion day and our annual Leavers' Ball.

The success of Heriot's Sixth Year is best marked by the very high proportion of our students who stay on at school to enjoy it; in recent years a number of students have joined us for Sixth Year and have been warmly integrated into the Heriot's community.

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