Upper Primary

(P6, P7)

In Upper Primary, the children are gradually encouraged to become more independent and this prepares them thoroughly for the transition to Senior School. Pupils take more responsibility for the organisation of their homework and are required to complete some independent project work.

Mathematics continues to be taught in sets and the pace of learning is increased. Our English Language programme includes novel studies, a variety of writing for different purposes, comprehension, debates and presentation skills - all of which encompass skills vital to lifelong learning. Specialist input expands to include Modern Languages and Computing. History, Geography and Science are taught as discrete subjects to allow more in-depth concentration on skills, knowledge and understanding.

Primary 6 and 7 pupils participate in Games at Goldenacre and there are
regular sporting fixtures against other schools on Saturdays. Upper Primary pupils experience challenging yet enjoyable residential experiences in Aberfeldy and Holland.

All of this serves to engender a positive attitude to learning which stands pupils in good stead as they progress through Senior School and beyond.