Middle Primary

(P3, P4 and P5)

The Middle Primary curriculum builds on the experiences the children have had in earlier years. Investigative skills and pupil responsibility play an increasingly important role. Pupils study History and Geography through a topic based approach.

This cross-curricular approach, involving, for example, Drama or ICT, leads to increased understanding and confidence. Science is taught as a discrete subject with input from our Science Coordinator. Our English Language programme provides a balance between the technical aspects of language and literacy and the wider, vitally important, skills of comprehension and communication.

From Primary 4, Mathematics is taught in sets and there is a focus not only on knowledge and understanding but also on the relevance of Mathematics in the wider world. Specialist teaching is increased in Middle Primary to include Art, Drama and Cultural Awareness (a precursor to Modern Foreign Language courses),

In P5, pupils participate in Games at Goldenacre on Mondays and Saturdays. Residential experiences are introduced in P5 and are an important part of the children's education.