Early Years

(Pre-school Nursery, P1 and P2)

Our Pre-school Nursery is registered as a Partner Provider Centre with the City of Edinburgh Pre-school Partnership and operates a key worker system with each key worker being responsible for his/her group of eight children. Staff plan activities and experiences which recognise the importance of emotional, personal and social  development, the acquisition of literacy and numeracy, the contribution of creative and physical skills and an ever-increasing knowledge of the immediate environment and wider world. Physical Education and Music are taught by Specialist teachers.

Whilst the majority of our Pre-school Nursery pupils proceed to Primary 1, entry to the School is not automatic. All Pre-school Nursery children sit the School's Primary 1 Entrance Assessment in January.

Pupils in P1 and P2 are cared for by their class teacher and benefit from Specialist teaching in Physical Education and Music. Pupils also have input from our Support for Learning Department, our Nursery Nurses, Our Science Coordinator, Able  Pupil Coordinator, S6 pupils and our Learning Enhancement staff.

In P1 and P2, we introduce the children to school life in a relaxed, happy and yet well-disciplined environment. Each boy or girl is treated as an individual and encounters a rich and varied curriculum encompassing academic, emotional, cultural, social and physical experiences. We place importance on developing each child's self-confidence, respect, cooperation and communication skills.

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