Uniform Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop sells good quality, second hand uniform and games kit for most school sports.

Prices are excellent, offering a great way to extend the budget, and recycle, in both directions, at the same time. We accept cash, cards and cheques.

We welcome clothes to sell - the seller receives 75% of the sales price (see below for more details).

We welcome donated clothes - where the school benefits from 100% of the proceeds.

And, we welcome volunteers. Please join us - it's not an onerous commitment in terms of helping out, just one morning, every session (at the most). Being a volunteer is great fun, and offers the opportunity to contribute to the School Ecosystem while making friends at the same time. (It's also sometimes warmer than the pitch-line ...).

The Thrift Shop's purposes are three fold: to support parents and pupils with the supply of good quality, second-hand school clothes at reasonable prices; to return funds raised to The School's Special Projects Fund and to extend the Heriot's welcome, friendship and support to its users and volunteer base. Last year, the Thrift Shop raised over £16,000 for the School's Special Projects Fund.

Uniform Requirements

Uniform List 18-19

Opening Hours

Saturdays: 9.15am to 11.45am during term time, and when there are Games being played at Goldenacre.

If Games are cancelled due to poor weather, the Thrift Shop does not open. It does not open over holiday weekends either. Please check the school website, or ring the Gamesline, for cancellation information. [Because all the volunteers have full time jobs, it is not open during the week - sorry].

Where we are

The Thrift Shop is upstairs, in the Cricket Pavilion, at Goldenacre. Goldenacre is at Warriston with access from Inverleith Row and Warriston Gardens. We offer a ‘personal shopper' service if access to the first floor is difficult. Blue Badge holders can park outside the Pavilion.

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Sample Pricing

Shirts - all £1.00 Art overalls - all £4.00 Old style games kit - all £2/garment
Trousers - all £4.00 Socks - all £1.00
Shorts - all £4.00 Jumpers - all £2.00


We don't keep an inventory due to the high turnover of stock, so the best thing is just to come along and see what we have. There are separate changing rooms for girls and boys.

We sell all items of current school uniform (apart from school shoes), school sports kit (including rugby/hockey and football boots), school activity kit (e.g. judo suits, hockey sticks, games bags, dancing shoes, riding boots, CCF boots and ski suits) and outdoor gear for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and outdoor activities (e.g. walking boots, cagoules).


We are sorry we do not accept straight returns, but you can bring back unsuitable purchases by having them readmitted to the system as item/s for sale.

Sell through the Thrift Shop

Any item/s you would like to sell should be handed in at the Thrift Shop during opening hours. Name tapes must be removed from all items. Clothing must be clean and, where feasible, ironed. Items should be bagged and the bags labelled with your name, address, email and contact telephone number.

We accept, and offer for sale, any items of school clothing and sports kit which are in good condition. For items which we price to sell at £5 or more, we will return 75% of the sale price to you and retain 25% for the School Fund.

Sales of items which typically sell for less than £5, including for example, school shirts, PE shorts, and t-shirts; socks; hats; ties; swimming costumes and goggles, are donated to the School Funds.

When the value of your sold goods totals more than £15 you will be sent a cheque. Cheques are written annually, usually in September.

Donate to the Thrift Shop

Any item/s you would like to donate for sale (receiving no proceeds yourself) can be handed to the Porters' Lodge at School, during school hours, or to the Thrift Shop when open. Donations are very welcome and all sale proceeds go to the School Fund, as above.

Charitable Giving

Items which are unsuitable for sale, or have not sold over a period of two years or more, are withdrawn and donated to charities supported by The School, or recycled through clothing banks.

The Thrift Shop team reserves the right to dispose of dirty or substandard items. Non uniform items which cannot be sold in the Thrift Shop are donated to charity or recycled.

Lost Property

Items of lost property, unclaimed within a four-week period, are donated by the School, to the Thrift Shop for sale. We have no responsibility for this lost property, but you can sometimes find what it was that you lost, before it goes back into the system.

Join the Team - Maximum Commitment is One Morning/Term

We welcome new recruits to our enthusiastic volunteer base.

Please send an email to thriftshop@george-heriots.com and someone will be in touch.


Please email thriftshop@george-heriots.com with any queries.

Please bear in mind that we are all volunteers so the response may not be immediate!

We look forward to welcoming you.

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