Our main focus for Ecoschools this session has been on Transport and with the help of the Parent’s Association we have implemented a number of initiatives to get more people out of their car and using alternative forms of transport.

We began with the idea of holding a bike event to encourage more parents to bring their children to school by bike. Dr Bike visited the school in May offering a number of bike tag- alongs and trailers for parents and pupils to try and offered advice to anyone wanting to find out more information.

In September we completed the Hands up Survey asking how all pupils travelled to and from school and found the startling statistic that the vast majority travelled by car for one or both of the journeys. Pupils were informed by a school assembly and asked to think about how they travel and how small steps by lots of people make a huge difference.

A bike breakfast was held on the 31st October to encourage more people to bring their bikes and this was a huge success particularly for the junior school. The PA, staff and pupils ran a stall for one hour before school serving a snack and drink and many new cyclists joined in.

We are going to follow up our success with a second bike breakfast on the 21st March and hope even more people will join us this time.

Below are some images of our last session, click on any of the photo to see a larger image.