Sustainable Development

In March, GHS will be submitting a whole school application for Re-accreditation of our Green Flag and Eco Schools status. You may recall an eco-assembly at the start of this session where members of the current eco schools committee highlighted the key topics of Sustainable Development (Education) and Energy Conservation. Investigations into our current energy use and potential ways of reducing consumption and carbon footprint are on-going, there are however complex legislative, structural and short-term financial issues involved given the nature, age and size of the old buildings.

On a more practical and accessible level, we can as individuals and as a school community, continue to endorse an environmentally friendly approach by means of minimising energy use in classrooms, using the recycling facilities, and by choosing and promoting eco-transport to/from school. The new cycle shelters will provide an excellent opportunity for pupil/staff planet-saving pedalling!

The current Senior School Eco Committee are hoping to address a follow-up assembly later this term, with the specific aim of highlighting the importance of Sustainable Development Education. As Sustainable Development is pivotal to the protection of Human Rights and vulnerable communities in developing world , the RRS committee may co-host the assembly. In the meantime, should you wish further information please refer to the links below;

Rationale of Sustainable Development Education
• Completed Curricular Audit
• A reminder of our Eco Philosophy and Eco Code