Criteria for the Award of Half Colours and Full Colours

Half Colours

Half Colours, in the form of a crested lapel badge can be awarded to pupils in S5 or 6. They are awarded for long service and loyalty rather than excellence. Pupils must fulfil the following seven criteria to be eligible for half colours:

General Criteria

  1. An excellent attendance record over a period of a least two consecutive years, which must include the year in which colours are being awarded.
  2. A very positive attitude.
  3. A good example set to younger pupils.
  4. Helpful behaviour.
  5. A pupil gaining half colours should not, ordinarily gain colours (I.E. Colours are awarded primarily for excellence; half colours are awarded for loyalty and commitment.)
  6. Half colours will only be awarded to pupils in S5 or S6, with most awards going to pupils in S6.
  7. Half colours cannot be re-awarded.

Half Colours award ceremony will be held once in terms 2 and 3 at a morning assembly. Award dates will be published in the School calendar. Staff in charge of activities should inform pupils of their awards and provide the chairman of the colours committee with a list of names and classes on request

Full Colours

Full colours in the form of an embroidered blazer pocket badge can be awarded to pupils in S5 or S6. Full Colours are awarded primarily for excellence although a realistic commitment to the activity is also expected.

Specific criteria which involve periods of time to pass before colours can be awarded may be varied or may not apply in connection with the award of colours to new pupils who cannot fulfil such criteria.

Pupils must fulfil the two general criteria listed below in addition to the specific requirements for each activity.

  1. Pupils must have completed at least one full session of the activity representing the school before an award can be made. (Thus pupils who receive awards during the first two terms of S5 must have joined the activity before or during S4.)
  2. Conduct in the activity must be of a consistently high standard. Serious misconduct in other areas of school life may compromise an award.

Applications for a colours award can be made in writing or e-mailed to the colours committee chairman as soon as a pupil has fulfilled the appropriate criteria. The application must include the pupil's name and class and must specify clearly which criteria have been met. Presentations will be made in assembly.

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