The Foundation, Bursaries and Scholarships

The Foundation

The Foundation provides full fee remission to the sons and daughters of widows and widowers. Places are awarded, at the discretion of the Governors, to prospective pupils from Primary Six upwards, who meet both residential and financial criteria and who have fulfilled the academic entrance requirements.  The residence criteria requires pupils to have been resident in the EH, KY or FK postcode areas for at least five years prior to the date of application. The Governors will also consider applications for prospective pupils who do not themselves meet the residence criteria but one of whose parents has a significant and long standing connection with the City of Edinburgh.  Foundation places can also be awarded to current pupils at any stage in the School whose families meet the financial criteria.

Heriot Bursaries

Financial assistance towards payment of school fees can be given to pupils of families meeting the qualifying criteria - and who have fulfilled the School's academic entrance requirements.  Heriot Bursaries are available for pupils entering Primary Six upwards.  Heriot Bursaries are also available for existing pupils from Primary Six upwards whose families meet the qualifying financial criteria. 

All Heriot Bursaries are awarded annually but families are welcome to re-apply for the following session.

The amount of any Heriot Bursary award is assessed on the basis of individual circumstances although normally a Heriot Bursary award is at least one third of the annual fees.  Higher awards including, on an exceptional basis, awards of full fees can be made.  All awards are made at the discretion of the Principal and the Governors, and are subject to satisfactory behaviour and continuing effort.

Applications should be made by 1st December each year for the following session, although parents of current pupils may apply outwith this period if their circumstances change.  For further information please contact the Bursar.  NB Please note that an application form for entry to the School is required for prospective parents applying for financial assistance with fees.  Upon receipt of this form the Admissions Team will provide Bursary application forms.

Qualifying Criteria

In order to qualify for Financial Assistance awards, total gross household income must not exceed the qualifying limit set out by the Governors from time to time. 

 For Session 2019-20 this limit will be:-

Foundation Applicants                                      £45,000 per annum

Heriot Bursary Applicants                                 £58,000 per annum

These figures are adjusted to take account of additional children in the family (up to the age of 18 or 23 if in full time education) and any Heriot's School Fees being paid for other children in the family.  In assessing eligibility for Financial Assistance account is also taken of available capital assets.

Bursary Application Form

Academic Scholarships

One Scholarship award of half fees will be made to the top pupil entering Senior One from outside Heriot's. One Scholarship of half fees will also be awarded to the P7 Dux joining Senior One.  Scholarships may also be awarded to other candidates entering Senior One, external and internal; these awards will take the form of an appropriate prize and will carry no fee remission.

Scholarships may also be awarded to pupils entering the School at later stages.

Expressive Arts Awards

Application may be made for special skills awards in Music, Art & Design and Drama by parents of pupils entering Heriot’s from other schools. These are available to pupils from S1 onwards, who meet the relevant criteria in each subject. External awards will be of £1,000, and a maximum of one award will be made in each discipline each year. One internal scholarship may also be awarded in each discipline annually in the form of an appropriate prize. Further details of the basis upon which these awards are offered may be obtained from the School.

Sports Scholarships

Up to four Sports Scholarships, in the form of an appropriate prize, will be available each year to pupils already at Heriot’s. No application is necessary for these Scholarships.

Scholarship Awards are not based on any financial Criteria

For further information please contact: 

The Bursar

George Heriot's Trust

Lauriston Place




0131 221 6700


0131 221 6724



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